Master's Thesis

Hard real-time scheduling

My master's thesis dealt with the hard real-time DMI and EDFI scheduling algorithms. The research was conducted at the Distributed and Embedded Systems (DIES) group at the University of Twente. It was based upon the excellent research done by ir. P.G. Jansen, who first described the DMI and EDFI algorithms.

You can download my research in PDF form here: Building on the DMI and EDFI foundations (rev. 1)

Both the DMI and EDFI schedulers were implemented in RT-LinuxFree. A patch against rtlinux-3.2-rc1 can be downloaded here: rtlinux-3.2-rc1-dmi-edfi-20060404.diff.gz (last updated: April 4, 2006).

A tool to visualize the scheduler's behavior called "Scheduler Insight", or "si" in short, has been created, which can be downloaded here: si-1.0.1.tar.gz