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NLnet to fund AbiWord OpenDocument improvements

The call for OpenDocument bugreports I made a few days ago wasn't just to stuff our bugzilla. As some of you might know, some of the AbiWord developers started a company called AbiSource Corporation a few months back (it doesn't even have a website yet, bad us!). One of its main endeavours is working on improving AbiWord's collaborative capabilities, which is still a work in progress.

A few weeks back AbiSource Corporation was contacted by NLnet, a non-profit organization which amongst other things works to promote open standards, and in particular OpenDocument. NLnet asked us about the status of AbiWord's OpenDocument import/export filters, and if we could come up with a list of work that could be done to improve AbiWord's support for the standard. We presented them a list of work which we thought would benefit users the most. Today NLnet agreed to fund AbiSource Corporation (still need to sign the papers) to work on resolving the OpenDocument issue list, which is awesome!

We hope to be able to do some new AbiWord releases soon, with each release improving AbiWord's support for the OpenDocument format (amongst the usual bugfixes of course...).