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Impressive AbiWord release

We just released AbiWord 2.7.6, which is an awesome release in my opinion!
It for example adds native JPEG support, so we don't convert every JPEG internally to PNG anymore. This will be of great benefit on the OLPC laptop, where kids use built-in camera to produce photos in JPEG format and add them to their document. This will greatly reduce the filesize of their document. It will also be a lot less bandwidth intensive when collaborating on such a document.
Other big changes are the greatly improved OOXML import and export filters. This work is done during this years Google Summer of Code OOXML import filter improvement program by Firat Kiyak. It was just too good to not merge it already.
Lots more stuff in is listed in the changelog, make sure to read it! All this work was done during the last 2 weeks, which I find very impressive.

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