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Yes, it is stop energy

@Jason: First of all, stop bashing Red Hat. Red Hat had nothing to do with any PackageKit design decisions. It makes you look silly.

Second of all, software distribution on Linux is horribly fscked. Yes it is. There is a reason that you can't find any Linux binaries on AbiSource's download site. We've tried and tried again, it is broken. Yes, even your fancy .deb/apt-get/synaptic stuff. We had software distribution solved in Windows land 5+ years ago, and Linux still can't do it cross-distribution.

Now, for the first time in years we might actually get a good working tool that makes things like installing a dictionary from AbiWord *doable*. Hello, this is 2008, and installing a dictionary is still hard for normal users and developers alike. We have to deal with it on irc and via e-mail every single day, so we have a clue how bad it actually is.

So, what's your solution to this all? Whine that PackageKit currently does not look at fd 0 so you can slam the user a VTE in the face to totally confuse the crap out of him. If showing a terminal is so precious to you, then how hard can be to whip up a patch to do just that? It can't be more than 10 lines of Python. If that patch does not get accepted upstream, you can always put a custom patch in the PackageKit .deb.

Now stop the stop energy please.